Migrate To America – 5 Immigrant Visa Categories

How To Migrate To America – 5 Immigrant Visa Categories. Most people move to America in search of a better job and higher standards of living. With the strength of the dollar vs other currencies, that obviously also fuels migration.

Many people work in America and send money home to their families in their homeland. Other reasons for migrating include good educational systems, access to jobs and family reunions. However, migrating to America and becoming a permanent resident is not that easy as you will be required to get an immigrant visa. Let’s take a look at the top five (5) immigrant visa categories to migrate to America.

  • Fiancé(e) Visa

  • Returning Resident Visa

  • Diversity Visa

  • Family-Based Immigration

  • Employment-Based Immigration

Fiancé(e) Visa category:

Under this category, an American citizen can sponsor his/ her fiancé’s application to immigrate to America. Thus he/she will apply for a K1 visa, which allows a person to move to the USA and live here legally for the period of Ninety (90) days. During which he/she is expected to be married to the fiancé.

Employment-Based Immigration:

An American company may sponsor employment visas for skilled workers to migrate to the US under the Employment-Based Immigration category. People with extraordinary abilities in arts, science, education, athletics or business, outstanding researchers and professors, professionals, skilled workers and unskilled workers can immigrate under this type of visa. However, getting this type of visa may be quite difficult as it is heavily subscribed. Hence, many applicants have to wait for many years to get it.

Returning Resident Visa

Under this category, an immigrant can get a permanent resident status after which he or she can move freely in and out of America. But an immigrant is not allowed to stay outside the US for more than one year at a stretch. Otherwise, a new immigrant visa will be needed to re-enter the USA. This is known as the SB1 visa.

Diversity Visas

This type of visa accommodates countries such as Kenya, Nepal, and Malaysia who have fewer presence in the USA. People from these countries who want to move to the US can apply for a diversity visa.

Family-Based Immigration

An American citizen or a permanent resident can sponsor visas for some certain family members. The American citizen can sponsor his or her spouse, children, sibling and parents who desire to immigrate to America. but, a permanent resident can only sponsor their spouse or unmarried dependent children.
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